What is the Students’ Union?

NCAD Students’ Union is a democratic organisation run BY students FOR students. The SU is the main representative body for students in NCAD. We also represent you on a national level with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). The functions of NCADSU are:

  • Provide academic support for students
  • Provide help to students in need
  • Lobby the college and government on issues affecting students
  • Organise unreal events and entertainment!!

The SU has two full time (Sabbatical) officers - the President and the Vice President. There are also multiple Part-time Officer positions. The Part-Time Officers are registered students. The President and Vice President’s office is in the Pink Room in the concourse - you can’t miss it!!

What is USI?

USI (The Union of Students in Ireland) is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland. NCADSU is an affiliated member of USI. All students of NCAD are automatically members of the national Union.

Where can I find the Union?

You can come find us in our office just off of the Concourse. Come in the front gates of NCAD, turn right, and you’ll see our office! You can always contact us at ncadsu@gmail.com.

Do I have to make an appointment to come see the SU?

Nope! We’re in our office Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. You can always pop in for a cuppa and a chat whenever suits you! If you’re not on campus, you can always call us on (01) 636 4269, or send us an email at ncadsu@gmail.com and we’ll organise a call!

How do I make an appointment with the Counsellor?

You can make an appointment with the counsellor by emailing Linda Macken at counsellor@staff.ncad.ie, or texting (087) 951 9818

How do I make an appointment with the College Doctor?

You can make an appointment with the college doctor through Anne in Reception. You can also email Anne to make an appointment at information@staff.ncad.ie. Appointments cost €10, and are payable by card when making the appointment.

When is my Student Contribution Charge due?

Students have the option of paying the Student Contribution Charge in two instalments.

The first installment of fees are due:

Continuing Students: Friday 16th September 2022

First Year Students: Friday 23rd September 2022

I’d like to apply to the Student Assistance Fund. What do I need to do?

Click here for more information about the Student Assistance fund, or email studentassistance@staff.ncad.ie.

What is SUSI? Where do I apply ?

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the single awarding authority for all student grant applications. If you are a new student or changing course you should apply to SUSI through their website. Visit their website at: https://susi.ie/. If you have any other questions about SUSI, please contact Finola McTernan at mcternanf@staff.ncad.ie

What help can NCADSU give me with sourcing accommodation?

The SU can provide useful information about student accommodation, particularly to 1st year students. This is a free-to-use service run by NCADSU, which assists students in finding suitable accommodation around Dublin. 

If you would like to advertise Accommodation, please visit our Accommodation Network on Facebook.

I’m thinking about renting - what should I do before paying my deposit?

Always view the accommodation before paying a deposit! It’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member to the viewing as well, to get a second opinion.

Always meet the landlord before agreeing to anything, and agree on a rent. Make it clear how much you will be charged per month, and what the rent includes. Does it include food? Bills? Etc. 

Sort out all the finer details! If there are things about the house that annoy you, or if there are rules in the house that you should have to comply with, find out before paying a deposit. Things that aren’t spoken about can lead to avoidable arguments, which no one wants!

Does NCAD have student accommodation?

No, NCAD does not have on-campus accommodation.

How can I get a letter from NCAD to certify that I am a registered student?

You can request a letter clarifying your registration status by contacting NCAD Reception. You can email them at information@staff.ncad.ie.