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Caoimhe Cronin


Caoimhe Cronin(she/her) is the President of NCADSU. The President is the elected representative that bridges the gap between students and the Institution, they work for you and they fight for students' needs, wants and rights. Their role in office is to manage the Union day to day and oversee all goings of everything and anything NCAD or Union related. They meet with the College Management Team of NCAD and speak with them about student issues, meet with students and help them with anything they may have trouble with, manage the accounts, run Campaign weeks, and lobby politicians for better services and support for student life and welfare.

Caoimhe is a two-time drop-out, who finally followed her dreams of being a rich and famous artist (aha) she actually grew up to be a loudmouth waster who doesn’t understand know how to tie her shoelaces. She studied Fine Art Applied Materials and loves everything tacky. Since she began her college journey in NCAD, she has been working with the union as class rep and has been involved in the student movement. She was elected as Vice President in 2020, and President in 2021. She is passionate about access to education, and student welfare.


Amy Kerr

Vice President

Amy Kerr(she/her) is the Vice President of NCADSU. The Vice President is the elected representative that works in conjunction with the President to be the representative voice for students. Their role in office is to help manage the Union with the President on a day to day basis, organise events for students, run campaign weeks, oversee student life and welfare and anything else that needs doing.

Amy is a Textile and Surface Design graduate. She has a passion for sustainability and textiles and has a slight obsession with bees! Her time in NCAD has been some of the best and most enjoyable times and wants others to experience the same! Amy has been involved in the union since her 1st year in NCAD as a class rep and was elected as Vice President in 2021.


Jenny Ly

Postgraduate Officer

The Postgraduate Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD for the first time ever!! Their role is to represent and liaise with the postgraduate students. They will organise Postgraduate events, help support and give the Postgraduate students advice, as well as liaise with the Union to help the Postgraduate students have a great experience in NCAD.

Jenny is the very first Post-Grad Officer ever at NCAD! Hooray! She explores ideas of collective and individual identities of the Teochew diaspora through her textile installations and sculptures. She loves rock climbing, feeding her curiosity, and asking "why not?". She's originally from California but she's happy to call Dublin her new home.


Andrew Grace

Equality & LGBTA+ Officer

The LGBTA+ Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD. Their role is to represent and liaise with students from the queer community to create a more inclusive and understanding space for them to learn in

Andrew is a big long queer found in the media department who is often found strutting around red square for no apparent reason. Ever since his first year in the college he fell in love with the sexy su and felt it was his duty to join. Andrew works in a wide range of media but mostly focuses on video work and 3d animated bits and bobs. This year Andrew is our LGBTQ+ and Equalities officer who is here to create a safe and sexy environment for everyone and anyone.


Meabh Quinn

Communications, Clubs & Societies Officer

The Communications, Clubs & Societies Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD. Their role is to facilitate the union and liaise with them with all communicators between the Union and students. They help write the weekly email, oversee the current clubs and societies being held within the college and online , and to improve the communications within the college.

Meabh (She/Her) is this years NCADSU Communication, Clubs and Societies officer. She is most likely to be found in everywhere on campus but her studio. She is passionate about making NCAD a supportive and fun place.


George Paton

Entertainments Officer

The Entertainments Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD. Their role deals with any and all events held by the Union, they turn the lights on, get the livestreams up and help the union organise and run all goings on outside the studio walls!

George (He/Him) is a product design student who you can mostly find deep down in the product design studio. He will be here as entertainments officer make sure everyone has safe and fun time in college and get events back on track. If you have any new and fun ideas feel free to contact him.


Saorla Doyle

Officer for Students with Disabilities

The Disabilities Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD. Their role is to represent and liaise with students who have any learning difficulties, physical disabilities or neurodevelopmental disabilities. They will lobby with the Union to make the college more accessible for students.

Saorla Doyle (she/her) is the Part-Time Officer for Students with Disabilities for the 20/21 academic year. She has a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and is passionate about the wellbeing and social and academic engagement of students with disabilities. This year she hopes to forge a sense of community among students with any kind of disability or physical/mental health issues. Outside of college she spends her time napping, solving pictogram puzzles, tweeting, or listening to horror podcasts.


John Fawcett- Peck

Mature Student Officer

The Mature Students Officer is a part-time position filled by a current student in NCAD. Their role is to build relationships with students from the ages of 23-103! They organise mature and elegant soirees, aid in any and all communication between the mature community and the Union. They make the craziness of NCAD magical for all to enjoy, as well as providing comforting and friendly advice for any queries that you may have. 

The wonderful John Fawcett- Peck (he/him) is the Mature Students Officer this year, from tea and chats to at home wine tasting, John has been a vital connection for the Union and all students of all ages. We are so blessed to have such a kind, and compassionate officer. Whether it's advice on how to proceed on your journey through his Friday friendlies or child care queries or anuthing else, he is the man for the job!