Student Council

The Student Council is the Governing Body of NCADSU, meaning it’s the group of people who direct the work of the Union. Each Department of each year has a representative that sits on Student Council. At Student Council meetings, we discuss everything from the issues you see day to day, to the bigger things that we’re working on to make NCAD a better, more accessible, more inclusive space for you, the students. It’s also where we report to you, so you know that we’re doing our job.

The SU’s policy is set at council by passing motions. When a motion passes it becomes a mandate, and mandates can be set on any subject that’s relevant to the aims, principles and operations of the Union. Mandates are passed, changed, and removed by a simple vote at council - so make sure you talk to your Class Rep so you can contribute to the decisions!! Or you can bring your own motion to Council! We also discuss how and where we spend the SU budget, and we ask you what you want to see the SU doing. After all, we are your elected representatives… We work for YOU! The Students’ Union Constitution is like our rule book. This is to make sure that we’re running the SU properly, treating people fairly, and operating democratically (as voted by our members). It’s really worth a read.

Student Council meets at least four times a semester, and it plays an incredibly important role in making sure that the SU is able to represent you to the best of our capability. Everybody is welcome to attend Council, and everyone is allowed to speak , but we only ask elected representatives to vote. There are no issues too small or too silly to be brought up at Council. Or even if you don’t have anything to tell us - come along for a goss and a slice of pizza!

Dates for Student Council 2022-23