Student Council

The Student Council is the Governing Body of NCADSU, meaning it’s the group of people who direct the work of the Union. Each Department of each year has a representative that sits on Student Council. At Student Council meetings, we discuss everything from the issues you see day to day, to the bigger things that we’re working on to make NCAD a better, more accessible, more inclusive space for you, the students.

We discuss how and where we spend the SU budget, and we ask you what you want to see the SU doing. After all, we are your elected representatives… We work for YOU! Student Council meets every second week, and it plays an incredibly important role in making sure that the SU is able to represent you to the best of our capability. No problem is too small, no question is too silly! Yell at us, tell us we’re doing a great job (or not) and come see what we’re up to! All students are welcome at meetings of Student Council.

Dates for Student Council 2021-22